Trick Or Treat (1986)

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This page is dedicated to the memory of Sammi Curr, the fictional rock star, hellraiser and all around bad boy from the movie Trick or Treat! If you haven't seen the movie - watch it! It's the ultimate horror-movie-rock-and-roll-parody of all time!!


"Go bear these tidings to great Lucifer,
Say he surrenders up to him his soul
So he will spare him four and twenty years,
To give me whatsoever I shall ask,
To tell me whatsoever I demand,
To slay mine enemies and aid my friends,
And always be obedient to my will"


"Eddie Weinbauer (Marc Price) is a put-upon teen who doesn't quite fit in anywhere.
His only friends are a classmate, a rock and roll DJ (Gene Simmons), and Sammi
Curr (Tony Fields).  Sammi is Eddie's idol.  He attended the same high school 
as Eddie, and now is a famous star.  Sammi was scheduled to play at the high 
school Halloween party but was banned by the city council.  Later, he is killed
in a hotel fire.  Eddie's friend Nuke, a radio DJ, shows him a never-released 
album from Sammi.  Sammi's last request was that it be played Halloween night,
at midnight, backwards!  Nuke has made a copy of it, so he gives the original
to Eddie.  Later, Eddie plays the record at home, and learns that it can summon
Sammi back from the grave.  He then learns of Sammi's plans for the town that
turned its back on him.  He must destroy the last copy of the recording before
Sammi can return and seek revenge on the town.  Ozzy Osbourne also makes an 
appearance as the Reverend Aaron Gilstrom, a fire-and-brimstone preacher with a
deep hatred for heavy metal music!"
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